More Home Seller Tips


1. Information Book on Property:

An information book on the property can often help answer many of the questions a Buyer may have, and eliminate objections.

Information Books usually contain utility information, recent major repairs, info on appliances, rental information, survey (if available), age of major items such as roof, info on pool etc.

2. Weather permitting plant flowers or use potted plants in front and back yard.

3. Ensure pools are clean and operational (weather permitting).  Pools should have photos when not in use and a history of major items ie. liner, cover, pump, filter and heater



4. Ensure minor repairs are taken care of.

5. Keep things clean and tidy

6. If there is insufficient storage consider storing offsite

7. Remove any excess furniture,

8. Air the home out if odours are present, avoid cooking before showings

9. Display photos of landscaping  during spring, summer months

10. Ensure front door handle is in good condition and the door is painted.

11. Replace any mats that are worn.

12. Place flowers in living room and dining room.

13. Mirrors can often make small spaces seem larger

14. Replace worn or poor quality floors20. Clean out closets

15. Ensure people can walk through a room easily

16. Tables should be clean and tidy, remove leaves to make space seem larger

17. Baking bread, or cooking a nice smelling aroma can often help

18. Put away countertop appliances in the kitchen

19. Organize shelves in the kitchen

20. Be sure all clothing is put away and cleaned (consider storing in portable racks in basement or off site if closets are too full)
21. Make all beds, and insure bed spreads are newer and matching

22. Store items in storage boxes, in inconspicuous locations or off site

23. Place display towels,  and soaps in bathroom.

24. Remove everyday items such as shampoo, razor etc.

25. Place a new role of Toilet paper in each bathroom

26. Ensure all surfaces are clean and shiny, etc.
27. Replace the shower curtain and curtain rings if worn

28. Ensure basement is dry and mold free (paint if necessary)

29. Ensure Basement is well lit

30. Ensure basement is accessible and organized